Why We Do What We Do

While working with clients over the years, we have addressed all types of financial challenges and scenarios, and as a result, have developed a strong set of core beliefs.  We call these the "Four Pillars of Our Financial Practice."  

  1. We believe it is critical to develop a wealth management strategy for each of our clients.  The plan acts as your financial roadmap, guiding you through the various phases of your financial life. It includes your goals, investment policy statement, risk tolerance, asset allocation strategy and portfolio structure parameters, appropriate benchmarks, and retirement and estate planning issues.   
  2. We believe in making sure each client has a sound risk management strategy.  We have witnessed far too many occasions where quality investment portfolios are severely impacted due to inadequate risk protection.  We will look at your life, disability, and long-term care insurance coverage, periodically checking for adequacy in relationship to your financial position.   
  3. We look to structure efficient investment portfolios based on the concepts of modern portfolio theory, where the blending of various asset classes has the potential to either help reduce risk or increase return.  We believe that you should have an asset allocation strategy designed specifically for you that reflects your risk and return objectives.  While asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against loss, it can play a key role in establishing a sound investment strategy and reducing risk.  
  4. We believe that after a lifetime of working to grow and protect your assets, with the ultimate intention of providing a legacy for your heirs, a comprehensive estate plan strategy is the final piece to your financial puzzle. We can work with your attorney in implementing an appropriate plan.